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Capcom Vancouver, the studio behind Dead Rising, has faced considerable layoffs, purportedly reducing staff by 30% .

According to a report from Kotaku, around 50 people were let go due to an internal re-structuring.

There was one unannounced project cancelled, and the upcoming Dead Rising game has been reduced in its scope.

In a statement sent to Eurogamer, the studio stated:

“Capcom Vancouver has undergone a restructure which has impacted approximately 30 per cent of the studio, as part of its regular periodic assessment of upcoming projects and overall studio goals. The team is continuing to work hard to support the recent release of Puzzle Fighter for mobile and is dedicated to its flagship Dead Rising series.”

The upcoming Dead Rising project was apparently “over-scoped and under-staffed”; the studio had 250 people before the layoffs (as per LinkedIn).

The unannounced project was reportedly, “A third-person action-adventure game set in an alternate reality version of New York.”

The studio has developed the Dead Rising games since the second outing, and they have slowly declined in popularity and sales ever since; the most recent entry, Dead Rising 4, wasn’t a big success commercially or critically.

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