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Matt Thorson has announced the final content update for Celeste will drop next week.

Chapter 9: Farewell, the final expansion for Celeste will be released on all platforms on September 9, 2019, developer Matt Thorson has confirmed. The free content update features over 100 new levels, giving the game over 800 stages in total.

In addition to some new gameplay mechanics, the update also includes more than 40 minutes of new music from Lene Raine. There are no B or C-sides this time, however. To access Chapters 9, players simply have to complete Chapter 8. What could be easier?

Thorson also says that the much-anticipated physical release of Celeste from Limited Run will follow now that Chapter 9 has been completed.

In related news, Matt Makes Games, the label under which Thorson developed Celeste, is being moth-balled. In its place comes Extremely OK Games, or EXOK for short. The studio is based in Vancouver and is already at work on its next project, code-named EXOK1.

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