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Switch exclusive Chocobo GP release date revealed, will have free-to-play ‘Lite’ version

Chocobo GP: On your marks… get set… rip off Mario Kart!



Chocobo GP release date
Square Enix

Chocobo GP: On your marks… get set… rip off Mario Kart!

Chocobo GP, the Final Fantasy-flavoured Mario Kart imposter from Square Enix revealed during the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022.

It will only be available digitally, and in two variants:

  • Chocobo GP Lite – features the single-player story prologue (but not the whole campaign), Chocobo GP mode (a 64-player tournament), and limited multiplayer (you can participate in games locally and online, but can’t host them)
  • Chocobo GP – the full-fat version (featuring all of the above, plus characters and courses unlockable in the game’s full story mode, time trial, short series, and custom tournament options)

Chocobo GP Lite will be free-to-play and will act as a demo/springboard to the game proper. Any progress you’ve accumulated in Chocobo GP Lite will transfer over to Chocobo GP when (if?) you purchase the full game.

Whether you’ll actually want to is another question entirely, however. It’s like Garfield Kart all over again.

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