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Get ready to say goodbye to an old friend: the Demon’s Souls online servers are shutting down later this month.

There are few things that make you feel quite so old, as someone pointing out the year something happened. The original Shadow of the Colossus first launched in 2005. The first BioShock came out in 2007. And we first saw Demon’s Souls in 2009.

In that time, From Software has simultaneously doubled down and spread their bets, with three Dark Souls games – the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls – and Bloodborne, 2015’s superb PS4 exclusive. Their trademark blend of sadism and incredibly precise design has bred a fierce fan base, and given their games a peculiar hardcore marmite status in the Pantheon of gaming.

They’re even porting the nightmarish Dark Souls to the Nintendo Switch – yes, a cheery, family friendly Nintendo console! – such is the importance of the series. But we bet you didn’t realise anybody was still playing Demon’s Souls online, did you? To be fair, neither did we.

Yasuhiro Kitao, marketing and promotions for From Software, took to twitter to announce the imminent close of the Demon’s Souls online servers, with a surprisingly cheery gif:

The death knell for Demon’s Souls online services will therefore toll on February 28th, 2018. We’d love to say it’s been a pleasure, but you know, it’s been a nightmare – just the way From Software intended.

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