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Need your fans to be super-quiet yet also shockingly bright? Corsair have just the thing.

Corsair’s ML series fans are a nice bit of kit. The ML stands for MagLev, or Magnetic Levitation, a technology that’s used for effectively frictionless movement. When you use MagLev in something really big, like a train for example, the lack of friction means you get efficient, quiet, and very, very fast trains.

And if you put MagLev technology into PC cooling fans? They’re able to spin faster, while remaining quieter, than your average bearing-based fans.

And if you’re manufacturing gaming hardware? Then the next logical progression is to bung a load of LED lights on your super-quiet fans. Nothing says quiet and stealthy like a full array of disco lights.

Seriously. Gaming PCs are turning into porn for christmas tree fetishists; have some class, people. If you follow our hardware section, you’ll know that it’s my pet peeve.

But anyway, the Corsair MagLev fans are a cracking hardware, and if you must make them luminous, then the ML Pro RGB fans are the models for you.

You can buy the Corsair ML Pro RGB fans in four packs or bundles:

  • ML120 PRO RGB Kit – 3 x 120mm fans plus Lighting Node Pro RGB controller
  • ML120 PRO RGB Single Fan Expansion – 1 x 120mm fan only
  • ML140 PRO RGB Kit – 2 x 140mm fans plus Lighting Node Pro RGB controller
  • ML140 PRO RGB Single Fan Expansion – 1 x 140mm fan only

So obviously, you don’t wind up buying more of the Lighting Node Pro controller modules if you just need to add a single fan to your case. Quite why you need one at all is beyond me, but there we are.

The ML120 Pro fans run at 400-1600 RPM, shifting between 12-47.3 CFM, at a noise level of 16-25 dBA. The larger diameter ML140 Pro fans, as you might expect, shift more airflow at lower speeds and quieter volumes; specifically that’s 400-1200 RPM, shifting between 12-55.4 CFM, at a noise level of 16-20.4 dBA.

They’re available now worldwide, from Corsair and retail partners.

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