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Death Stranding is about ‘reconnecting the world’ apparently

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Hideo Kojima has spoken about what Death Stranding, the upcoming game from Kojima Productions, is about “reconnecting the world.”

Death Stranding remains an absolute mystery – a very pretty mystery with a surreal, alien atmosphere, but a mystery nonetheless. Three trailers haven’t shed much light on what the game is actually about, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Creator Hideo Kojima spoke with Geoff Keighley following the gameplay, and emphasised that the game wouldn’t focus primarily on combat. Apparently there will be lots of options to avoid fighting completely.

Kojima said, via translation:

“The goal of this game is to reconnect the world. A lot of people out there are interested in shooters, and people can do that in this game. However I would not recommend that and through playing the game, people would realize that that is not the ideal option, although they will have that option.”

Kojima also revealed that players will only be controlling Norman Reedus’s character throughout Death Stranding – despite some footage of the game suggesting at multiplayer components.

Death Stranding is due out on PS4 with no release date scheduled.

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