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Descenders is getting a physical release on PS4, Nintendo Switch

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Popular mountain bike-em-up Descenders to receive a physical release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

When we reviewed Descenders a couple of years ago, we loved how it felt to play, whipping through beautiful environments and over death-defying jumps. We were less sold on the game’s roguelite procedural generation and its drum and bass soundtrack.

But the game was in Early Access then, and developer RageSquid has improved it much. Multiplayer, a course editor and a bunch of new environments – including the stupendously stupid homage to Total Wipeout – has boosted the fun, while its availability in Xbox Game Pass has ramped up the player numbers.

In addition to the PC and Xbox One releases, Descenders has since been ported to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. That final detail is particularly relevant to today’s news, as Descenders is getting a physical release on PS4 and Switch.

Publisher No More Robots is working with specialist publisher Sold Out to bring Descenders a boxed release.

“We’re extremely excited to work with Sold Out on the retail releases for Descenders. Our players have been begging us for a physical release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for a while now, so getting to work with Sold Out on a worldwide retail release is essentially fulfilling a long-standing dream for all of us.” – Mike Rose, director, No More Robots

Not receiving a boxed PC release isn’t so unusual these days – we mourn the loss of the big box retail editions – but it’s perhaps more surprising to see no physical Xbox One release, given Descenders’ early success with the platform.

Luckily Xbox players will still be catered for. We just don’t have a timeline for that yet.

PS4 and Nintendo Switch retail versions of Descenders will be available to purchase sometime this spring.

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