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Destiny 2’s prestige raid lairs are getting a staggered release

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Bungie has confirmed that they are staggering the release of the prestige lairs for Destiny 2 so that Guardians have a chance to race through them.

Eater of Worlds and Spire of the Stars will be out within a day of each other.

Bungie will release Eater of Worlds on July 17th and Spire of stars on July 18th.

Destiny 2’s senior designer, Joe Blackburn, said:

“Based on player feedback—and to ensure each World’s First race has a clean start—we’re changing the release times of each activity. Eater of Worlds will receive a one-hour delay to ensure players have ample time to download and install Destiny 2 Update 1.2.3 once it becomes available. Spire of Stars has been delayed 24 hours to offset the activity releases.”

Prestige lairs are a pretty fiery gauntlet. Guardians are charged with getting through the map with a specific weapon loadout and a series of modifiers.

Blackburn hinted at what we can expect, saying, “I’ve been looking out from my Time-Worn Spire and I feel an Autumn Wind blowing.” Those are hints at two well-known pulse rifles.

He also commented on something called ‘Arsenal,’ didn’t go into any further details on this.

To check out the official Bungie post, go here.

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