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EA DICE is developing a “revamped progression system” for Star Wars Battlefront II.

On a blog post on the official site, EA says: “Your feedback has been essential here, and we are preparing significant changes to progression that will address many of the things we’ve seen players asking for. We’ll be sharing more details about these changes in March.”

Further to those changes there is also a new game mode called Jetpack Cargo, where “Two teams of eight players equipped with jet packs compete in Jetpack Cargo, a frantic, fast-paced way to play.” EA also noted that this new mode will only be available for “a limited time.”

Lastly, EA announced that a new season of DLC is on its way “soon”. There aren’t any more details on this one yet, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

The progression system is a big one. The loot crate system, it’s fair to say, has caused its share of controversy in 2017, and tying player progress to the acquisition of Star Cards was a bit of a grate as well.

DICE removed microtransactions from Battlefront II, reacting to fan backlash at the game’s launch. It isn’t clear if they will make a return with this revamp.

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