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Electronic Arts has revealed that following the recent launch of Madden NFL 19, the franchise has reached an estimated 130 million copies sold.

EA’s very first Madden NFL game, John Madden Football, was released on PC in 1988, and made its console debut on the Sega Genesis and Super NES two years later.

Since then, over 30 mainline games in the series have been released on PC and console, complemented by a range of handheld and mobile variants. Madden NFL 19 is the first game in the series to return to its PC roots since Madden NFL 08 in 2007.

According to numbers released by Electronic Arts, the recent clutch of iOS and Android games have also been successful, reaching nearly 73 million installs.

Cam Weber, EVP and group GM at EA Sports, is well happy with the franchise’s longevity:

“It’s incredible how many people have enjoyed Madden NFL over the years, and the impact it’s had on not only teaching the sport of football, but growing the love of it as well. Every year Madden NFL is the game that kicks off our season of EA Sports games, and it continues to be one of the titans of the game industry.”

This year’s edition has once again been developed by EA Tiburon in Florida, and sees the second instalment in the franchise’s new Longshot story mode.

Madden NFL 19 is available now for PC (via Origin), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

To mark the sales milestone, we have reached out to John Madden for comment.

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