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Frontier Developments detail the upcoming addition of Fleet Carriers to epic space sim, Elite Dangerous.

During the Elite Dangerous community event at Gamescom, Frontier Developments revealed more information on the game’s highly anticipated Fleet Carriers. The huge spaceships live up to their name and can accommodate up to 16 individual players.

Each carrier has 16 landing pads – composed of eight large pads, four small, and four medium – and offer rearm, refuel and repair services. They also have configurable load-outs to support a wide range of activities including mining, smuggling, and piracy, to name just a few.

Fleet Carriers will be available in the Elite Dangerous base game and Horizons add-on, and are purchasable with “a large amount of credits.” They are scheduled to arrive in the game’s December update, and will be available for any commander to purchase. It might be a good idea to start saving now.

The new trailer shows Fleet Carriers in action.


Before that, the Elite Dangerous September update will improve the starter experience for new commanders with a voiced tutorial that covers the basics of the game’s flight, combat, and scanning mechanics. Frontier Points are also getting a revamp, becoming the Arx currency. Arx can be used to buy paint jobs, bobbleheads, and ship kits. The update will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 17, 2019.

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