No Man's Sky - Expeditions
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Explore the universe with friends in the latest No Man’s Sky update

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Space, The Social Frontier.

Hello Games have unveiled yet another update for its universe sim No Man’s Sky. The Expeditions update is the seventeenth since launch and adds a host of new features to the game

The biggest inclusion is the introduction of a new mode, Expeditions, which allows players to start on the same planet as each other. Players can explore with others in a shared journey, completing exploration milestones,

Coming with varying difficulties, exclusive rewards, and the ability to complete in any order, Expeditions are raring up to be an excellent addition to the game. Explorers can rack up a collection of up to 100 hand-crafted patches, with each completed expedition. Expeditions will also see limited-time and season-based events make their way into No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky - Expeditions

Besides Expeditions, the new update comes with a collection of improvements, including performance and load time optimisation, improved pinning and text chat, and even a new jet pack. With these quality-of-life improvements, UI streamlining, and the recent PS5 update, No Man’s Sky has become a wonder to play.

The game has been building itself up after a rocky launch, but after five years, Hello Games has proven determined to fulfil its original vision. No Man’s Sky Expeditions is available as a free update to all existing players now.

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