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In the latest case of a dodgy remaster, The Ezio Collection sees Ezio whitewashed, unable to climb properly, and… what’s wrong with that guy’s face?

Ubisoft are no stranger to nightmarish visuals. The ghastly glitches in Assassin’s Creed Unity cannot be unseen – no matter how hard we try – and now they’re at it again in Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection.

In Ubisoft’s defence, they aren’t the only ones to have issues with a remaster. Most recently, The BioShock Collection had some issues around performance and weird visual artefacts, but that’s nothing compared to how weird some things have become in The Ezio Collection.

Exhibit A: Ezio has been rather whitewashed, appearing significantly whiter than his original, olive-skinned Mediterranean appearance, and we’re not really sure why.

The Ezio Collection – whitewashed Ezio

Exhibit B: Something disturbing is happening with Ezio’s climbing. As well as it being somewhat broken and getting stuck in weird positions, he’s all weird angles and jerky movements, like some sort of demonic mutation.

Ezio Collection - demented climbing

Exhibit C: And then there’s this chap. No words needed, right?

The Ezio Collection - freaky NPC

He actually looks a bit like British politician (and professional Pob impersonator) Michael Gove.

Ezio Collection – freaky NPC looks like Michael Gove

That’s disturbing. The Ezio Collection is going to give us nightmares.

All images in this article collected from the Polygon video above, except the inset shot of Michael Gove, which came from the Telegraph.

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