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Fall Guys kicks out cheaters, brings in Big Yeetus

Tired: Big cheaters. Wired: Big Yeetus.



Fall Guys Big Yeetus

Tired: Big cheaters. Wired: Big Yeetus.

Fall Guys has only been out a month and a bit, and already, we’re midway through its first season. The second (magical) season is due later in the year, but for now, we’ll have to make do with the first mid-season update.

What’s in it? Well, there are remixes of the gauntlet levels for starters, which should make things exciting.


But there are two headline items in the Fall Guys mid-season update that HumanAdmin, Oliver (and RobotAdmin, BeanBot) have been teasing on social media for weeks.

Big Yeetus

Big Yeetus is a big hammer. A very big hammer. A comically big hammer. It swings and throws (yeets, if you will) beans across the level. That sounds like it might be a bad thing, but legend has it, you can use the mighty force of Big Yeetus to propel yourself across the level…

Easy Anti-Cheat

Quite why someone would want to cheat in Fall Guys is beyond us, but people do. Players have been messing with the game’s code to (for the most part) float above levels, avoiding the obstacles and pitfalls in the process.

After an attempt to silo the bad apples onto a server together, which didn’t solve the problem, Mediatonic has implemented Easy Anti-Cheat for Fall Guys.

It’s a shame that Big Yeetus couldn’t be used to deal with the cheaters ceremonially, but however they deal with it, getting rid of them is a win for Mediatonic and the Fall Guys community.

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