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Here’s the launch trailer for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It’s funny, cute, and weirdly inspirational in these uncertain times?

Fall Guys, our favourite video game from E3 2029, is out today on PS4 and PC.

It’s a charming little riff on the battle royale model, but instead of shooty murder, it’s rooted in Takeshi’s Castle and soft play areas. (In fact, publisher Devolver Digital’s E3 2020 setup for Fall Guys was set in a soft play area and had a ball pit. It was lovely!)

Following an enormous beta, in which tens of thousands of keys were given away, the scrappy little game, developed by Mediatonic, has bumbled its way to the top of the Twitch stats, unseating Fortnite, Call of Duty, and even the ‘Just Chatting’ category. The Fall Guys launch hasn’t been without issue, however, as the game’s servers are creaking under massive player demand. Nicer problems to have, we guess?

To go along with the game’s launch – and following the theme of a bumbling little underdog, doing their best – Mediatonic and Devolver have put together a Fall Guys launch trailer.


It’s a video about a jelly bean who, at first, doesn’t do particularly well. But with some time, experience, and perseverance, they succeed in the end. It’s strangely inspirational?

Want to know if your PC can run it? (You know, when the servers have the capacity.) Check out the Fall Guys system requirements.

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