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Fallout 4 launch trailer features fem-Vault Dweller, story teasers

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Are you excited for Fallout 4 yet? Well you should be.

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth bringing up again: Bethesda have been doing a fine job of making sure all trailers and promotional material – with the exception of the live-action Wanderer trailer as a fun diversion – have been showing actual gameplay footage. There’s no false advertising here. There are no disclaimers of “not in-game footage” that are de rigueur in video game publishing.

And sure, some people have complained that visuals in the trailers haven’t looked as good as a Call of Duty or Deus Ex trailer, but do you know what? Those people are idiots. Fallout 4 looks amazing as it is, and there’s absolutely zero chance of you being disappointed by unrealistic visual expectations.

Bethesda are the hero the gaming public needs, not necessarily the one it deserves.

fem-Vault Dweller and Dogmeat

One can only presume that this is the last official Fallout 4 trailer before release, but it’s a good one. Here are the salient points:

  • It reinforces what we learned from the original teasers, about the couple (potential male and fem-Vault Dweller) living before the bombs fell and heading down into Vault 111 before the game-proper begins.
  • It shows – correct me if I’m wrong, commentards – the first actual gameplay footage featuring fem-Vault Dweller. We saw (and heard) her in character creation during the E3 presentation, but I think this is the first time we’ve seen her out in the wild.
  • A variety of different and very beautiful locales. Gone are the complains of it being “too green” (Fallout 3) or “too orange” (Fallout: New Vegas) – now people will probably complain that it’s too colourful.
  • We meet some of the NPCs, and we have a sneaky suspicion that one or two of them may turn out to be companions.
  • Those NPCs drop little tidbits of story information, primarily around new faction The Institute, and the supposed threat their organisation brings to mankind’s very survival.
  • We see some of the gameplay mechanics from the point of view of both male and fem-Vault Dweller, including combat, custom weapons, and that all-new building mechanic.

And best of all, we see Dogmeat, and fem-Vault Dweller gets the final line in the piece.

“Let’s go, boy.”

Tingles. Actual, no fooling tingles.

Fallout 4 is released on November 10; pre-order it from Amazon now.

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