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Final Fantasy VII remake is beyond the ‘early concept stage’

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Director Tetsuya Nomura has said that the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII has moved out of the concept stage and is now in full development.

In an interview with IGN, Nomura said he has split his efforts between Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts III.

“It’s not just in the early concept stages. We are actually in development. So right now, I’ve been putting 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts and 100 percent into Final Fantasy 7 and 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts and going back and forth.”

Nomura then added that he is giving his best efforts to both projects, and finding it a natural thing for him:

“I don’t get fatigued by that at all. It’s really fun for me to do. I actually don’t like human relationships more than just work, so I just want to focus on work and creating things if I don’t have to deal with human relationships. It’s actually a little bit easier for me to do than not working.”

It has been three years since the remake of Square’s iconic RPG was announced – originally revealed at E3 2015.

Currently, there is no scheduled release date for Final Fantasy VII, but it will be exclusive to PS4.

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