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Final Fantasy VII remake release date revealed (updated with new info)

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A special concert performance contains an extra surprise: the Final Fantasy VII remake release date. (Updated with new information from the press conference.)

What is it with Square Enix and, erm, premature declaration? While everybody else is struggling with leaks in the run-in to E3, for some reason, the Final Fantasy publisher likes to pee on its own bonfire.

We saw it last year with the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date reveal, which they inexplicably dropped in a trailer the night before their E3 press conference. This year, they’ve done it again: Square has revealed the Final Fantasy VII remake release date on the eve of its E3 2019 press conference.

This wasn’t entirely apropos of nothing. Presumably revealing the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date in that way must have worked for the mega-publisher to repeat the same trick. Maybe it takes the sting out of a potential leak, or perhaps allows their biggest ticket news item to stand on its own, away from the rest of the conference.

But in this instance, there’s more significance to the Final Fantasy VII remake release date reveal: it was announced during a special E3 2019 orchestral performance of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, called A Symphonic Reunion. (The release date is March 3, 2020, which is also significant because it’s my birthday. Thank you for this generous gift, Square!)

There’s also a small, Japanese-language trailer to accompany the Final Fantasy VII remake release date reveal, with presumably more to follow at Square’s E3 2019 press conference tomorrow.

We’re hoping to see more about the Final Fantasy VII remake during Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference tomorrow, and with any luck, one of the numerous E3 appointments we’ve booked with the publisher will be to see more about it.

Updated, June 11, 2019:

Following Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference (here’s our report on every game and announcement, and our in-depth analysis of the highlights) we now know a bit more about Final Fantasy VII Remake. Yes, we caught a glimpse of Tifa and Sephiroth. Yes, we know that the G-bike section is back. And yes, we now know a lot more about how the combat works.

But we also know a bit more about the release.

It looks like the Final Fantasy VII Remake will still be episodic, in some shape or form. Yoshinori Kitase said that “the story of Midgar” has become a standalone game in its own right, which tends to suggest that they will be releasing the first portion of the story – from the opening bombing mission to escaping Shinra HQ and fleeing Midgar – will be the first “episode” of the game. We then presume that the rest of the quest to save the planet will take place over subsequent episode(s) in the coming years.

He also said that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will have “two Blu-ray discs worth of content,” but it’s unclear whether he’s just talking about “the story of Midgar” or the game’s size overall.

But the game is available to pre-order, and “the story of Midgar” is a full $60 retail package. It’s therefore fairly safe to assume that each “episode” of The Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be a big old beast, if they’re planning on charging full price for it, but again, we’ll ask the nice folks at Square Enix when we have our appointments with them during this week’s E3.

Final Fantasy VII Remake first class edition

There’s also a special edition, known as the Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition – priced at a whopping $329 – which includes an (admittedly, very impressive-looking) figurine of Cloud on a motorcycle that’s available to pre-order now.

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