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Is it just us, or are press releases and PR stunts getting stranger by the day?

Hot on the heels of Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning advertising Louis Vuitton handbags and the Chuckle Brothers promoting Hitman, TV chef Jamie Oliver is now involved in the promotion of Final Fantasy XV. Credit to the Square Enix PR folk for thinking outside the box, I suppose.

To be fair, there is a link – slightly tenuous, admittedly, but not as stupid as handbags or Chucklevision – between the passionate Essex telly cook and the latest outing in the venerable Final Fantasy series: the number XV. That’s fifteen, if you don’t do Roman numerals.

Fifteen is the name of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in North East London, most famous for the TV series Jamie’s Kitchen, which documented an apprenticeship scheme offering opportunities to people from underprivileged backgrounds to work with the renowned chef. Food is obviously important to Jamie Oliver and he is well-known globally for his attempts to improve children’s diets.

Food is something of a big deal in Final Fantasy XV too, with Noctis and his crew eating meals cooked by Ignis around the campfire. The type and quality of the meals eaten – dictated by the ingredients used and recipes collected by the player – will confer different status benefits to the team for the following day.

So keeping all of that in mind – and suspending your sarcastic disbelief for a moment longer – Jamie Oliver cordially invites you down to Fifteen to experience a Final Fantasy XV-inspired menu:

Final Fantasy XV-inspired menu

The Final Fantasy XV-inspired menu will be available at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen from November 22 to November 29, 2016. By no small coincidence, that’s also the date Final Fantasy XV is released.

See? We told you the PR folk knew what they were doing.

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