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Just to be really sure you want the game proper, you’ll soon be able to download a free Final Fantasy XV PC demo.

First, came the console release of Final Fantasy XV. It’s big, and bonkers, but it’s full of charm and brotherly love.

Then, the PC version was announced, including much talk of ridonculous system requirements and fancy technologies like Nvidia Hairworks. Luckily, Square Enix released a benchmarking tool, so you can check out for yourself how badly the Final Fantasy XV PC version will hurt your PC.

Then in the middle, rather inexplicably, there’s the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, a chibi version of the main story, available for mobile devices. Sorry, we’re distracted. Where were we? Oh yes, the system crushing PC version.

Now, just weeks before the game’s release, Square Enix are releasing a Final Fantasy XV PC demo, so you can be really sure you want to buy the game (and your PC can run it adequately).

The demo will allow people to play through the game’s opening chapter, including the tutorial elements with Noctis’ fluffy buddy Carbuncle. What’s unclear from the press release is whether players will then be able to carry their progress over to the main game, should they purchase it. We’ve asked the PR folks at Square Enix for an answer on that one, and we’ll let you know when they respond.

The Final Fantasy XV PC demo will be available on February 26th, 2018, prior to the game’s full release on March 6th.

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