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The pared-back Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has made its way onto Windows devices.

Have you got a Windows device that’s a bit long in the tooth? Maybe it’s a tablet that’s fine for web browsing (but can’t really cope with games), or a laptop without dedicated graphics?

Chances are, you’ve missed out on Final Fantasy XV. And if you’re really not convinced, try the Final Fantasy XV benchmarking tool, to see just how far off the mark your low-end system is.

But fear not, Final Fantasy fans with weedy Windows devices: Final Fantasy XV is now available for you to play. Sort of. In a fashion.

Specifically this is the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, which was designed for phones and tablets of the Android and Apple varieties. It’s a touch-enabled lite version of the game, with chibi graphics and a less-involved control scheme. All of the key story beats and locations are there, but it’s a significant technical downgrade. Basically it’s like someone re-imagined Final Fantasy XV as one of those Nintendo DS ports of the 8-bit and 16-bit Final Fantasy games.

Also, it’s free to play. At least, for the first chapter; once you break off the training wheels and hit the road with Gladio, Ignis and Prompto, you’ll need to pay to unlock the game’s other chapters.

Still, at least you’ll be able to run this version. Download the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition from the Windows store.

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