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Final Super Mario Maker 2 update adds World Maker mode

The final update for Super Mario Maker 2 adds items from Super Mario Bros. 2 and the ability to great multi-course worlds.



Super Mario Maker 2 - April 2020 update

The final update for Super Mario Maker 2 adds items from Super Mario Bros. 2 and the ability to great multi-course worlds.

Out of nowhere, Nintendo has confirmed that Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch is getting one final content update. It arrives on April 22 and includes a Goomba’s pantry of new gameplay items, plus a long-desired World Maker mode.

World Maker mode lets players create their own Super Worlds, made up of eight individual worlds, and containing up to 40 courses. Each world can have a different theme – choose from Underground, Desert, Snow, Forest, Volcano, Outer Space, and Sky – and can be customised with Warp Pipes, hills, bridges, and bonus stages.


Among the new power-ups is the Super Mario Bros. 2 mushroom. This changes Mario’s sprite design and lets him pick up and throw enemies. The Cursed Mask from SMB2 is also available. Run!

New in-game items include the boomerang, Cannon Box, Propeller Box, Red POW Box, Goomba Mask, and a Bullet Bill Mask. The Frog Suit also returns, along with the Power Balloon, and Super Acorn.

All seven Koopalings are also added to the game to use in boss battles.

It’s fair to say that Super Mario Maker 2 hasn’t managed to create quite as much buzz as the Wii U original, but we have a feeling this new mode – which lets players share entire worlds online – will give it a new lease of life.

The update arrives on Wednesday. Take a look at the full range of new items and gameplay features in the update trailer.


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