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As it moves into its third year, details start to emerge for Rainbow Six Siege season 4, codenamed Operation Wind Bastion.

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t the most popular multiplayer shooter on the planet. That honour goes to Fortnite Battle Royale, with PUBG in second place. But it is quite happy jostling around the mid-table with the likes of Overwatch and CS:GO. It’s good company to be in, to be fair.

In order to maintain the game’s longevity, Ubisoft has been releasing content for Rainbow Six Siege on a fairly regular basis. After the initial post-release plans, that’s settled into seasons.

Now details are starting to appear for Rainbow Six Siege season 4, Operation Wind Bastion.

There will, for starters, be two new operations. One will be an attacker, while the other will be defensive.

Operation Wind Bastion also comes with a new map, called Fortress. A military training facility located in the Atlas Mountains, a North African range that spans Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Fortress specifically is set in Morocco, and at least one of the new operators will also be Moroccan. Ubisoft also tells us that Fortress will be the first Rainbow Six Siege map to be heavily linked with one operator specifically.

Full details of Rainbow Six Siege season 4, Operation Wind Bastion, will be unveiled on November 18, 2018, at the Pro League Finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

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