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Microsoft has announced June’s first wave of additions to its Xbox Game Pass service.

The Wild at Heart, For Honor, Backbone, and Darkest Dungeon will be arriving on the service over the next couple of weeks.

The Wild at Heart is available to play now, after only launching on May 20, 2021. This cutesy 2D adventure game will see you take control of two kids as they explore the secrets of the Deep Woods. You’ll collect loot, find new paths, build a horde of little minions and face off against mysterious bosses in the Hidden Realm.

For Honor may be a little more recognisable for some. The medieval fighting game launched back in 2017, to average reviews. However, this intense online title has been persistent with content updates and still features some brilliant one-on-one combat.

Backbone is a stunning action role-playing game where you play a racoon private eye named Howard Lotor, and one of the games we were most looking forward to this year. Sadly this title will only be available for PC Game Pass subscribers, however, if a racoon private eye doesn’t make you want to seek this one out, we don’t know what will.

The last of the new additions, arriving on June 10, is Darkest Dungeon, which is coming to cloud, Xbox console, and PC. If roguelikes are your thing, this unforgiving turn-based RPG may be for you. This one is about the stress of adventuring, so along with that, famine, disease, and darkness will all see you meet a swift end. We suggest going in prepared.

All of the following games will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers across different platforms. If you want a quick glance at where these games are coming to, and when, we have a list for you:

Xbox Game Pass – June 2021 (Wave 1)

  • The Wild at Heart (Cloud) – Available Now
  • For Honor (Cloud and Console) – June 3
  • Backbone (PC) – June 8
  • Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 10

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