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Get ready for glorious sunshine, fireworks, and new features in the Planet Coaster summer update.

Frontier Developments, when they’re not making super-serious space simulations, also make a quaint and charming theme park tycoon game, about rollercoasters. [See what we did there? – Ed]

And with Planet Coaster, Frontier have gotten into the habit of giving away lots of lovely free stuff. The massive winter update was first, including lots of snow and Christmas-themed items. It was swiftly followed, roughly three months later, by the spring update.

Have you worked out where this is going yet? Here’s the Planet Coaster summer update.

What’s in the latest update, then?

Planet Coaster summer update: New Features

  • Display Sequencer – a powerful new tool for creating awesome experiences, the Display Sequencer allows you to trigger objects just like coasters and rides do
  • Fireworks – a new type of triggerable object
  • Video Billboards – a new type of triggerable object for custom content
  • Triggers for Rides – displays now work with rides
  • Display Cameras – a new way to view displays
  • Display Speakers – extend the range of your Display Sequencer’s audio
  • Painted Wooden Coasters – White Woody is now available!
  • Custom Biomes – create your dream landscape
  • Paint Mode for Terrain sculpting – 3 ways to paint while sculpting terrain
  • Multiple Pass Stations – coasters that pass through the station multiple times, in either direction
  • User Sound Effects – add your own sound effects the same way you do with Music Speakers
  • No Clip Camera toggle – allows your camera to move through terrain

Planet Coaster summer update: New Rides

  • Iron Claw – The Iron Claw is a classic pendulum ride that’s been very popular in many parks around the globe. This extreme thrill ride holds up to 32 guests at a time and swings them 65 feet in the air while the cabin continuously spins. The sensations experiences are zero to heavy downward g-forces as the guests are flung in all directions and almost completely upside down.
  • Sky Watcher – The Sky watcher is a large observation tower that elevates your guests to 138m into the air to give the most impressive vista of your parks and the rotating cabin offers amazing panoramic views. The movement is graceful and is suitable for all ages. The structure is and elegant and beautiful combination of glass and steel and enhanced with a beautiful lighting arrangement this will give your park an iconic landmark for your guests to wonder at. This ride seats up to 60 guests at a time making it the highest capacity of any ride currently in game.
  • Black Out – The Blackout is an extreme inverting swing-ship, and has been inspired by the classic Looping Starship. This ride harkens back to the golden age of when the space race was flourishing. With a capacity to hold up to 50 guests and standing at 22 meters it’s a great major ride for your parks.

Planet Coaster summer update: New Coasters

  • Power Up – The Power-up is a compact coaster ideal for squeezing into those tight spaces in your park. The train design is very open to offer maximum thrills and exposure to the elements. A vertical lift that takes the train uphill at 90 degrees and then the car then turns another 90 degrees upside down and is released into a terrifying plummet through a heart line roll down into a vertical drop and back through the station, back up the chain-lift again where it the rolls backwards through the station again a couple of times until it’s caught and lowered backwards into the station. A short but brutal ride guaranteed to scare the wits out of your guests.
  • Viper One – The Viper One up is a multi launch, twisted impulse, LIM shuttle coaster that consists of two large towering supports that hold up a 66m inline-roll at each end. As the coaster passes through the station the train get hurled up further up the track with each run until it almost reaches the top of each tower and giving the sensation the the train is going to fly off the end of the track.
  • Gnarler – The Gnarler is a new wooden coaster car to help celebrate the addition of painted wooden supports. The train is adds a more modern wooden coaster train design tom the traditional wooden coasters family. The train chassis are incredibly detailed with stylish and beautifully crafted interior and unique lead car.
  • De-Gen and Bolt – Something often requested by the Planet Coaster community was to have the sit-down boomerang coaster car (Trident) to appear on the ‘looping coaster track’ (The American Arrow) and visa-versa. We not only did this by creating two new coasters but we also gave them an upgrade with a new lick of paint and some minor cosmetic tweaks and they look beautiful.

And loads of other stuff far too lengthy and numerous to include in this article, including lots of bug and stability fixes. Check out the full details of the Planet Coaster summer update on the community forum.


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