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Grab a DRM-free copy of Tacoma from the Humble Store, free for a limited time.

Tacoma is the follow-up to Gone Home, the seminal walking simulator first-person snooper from Fulbright.

In our big interview with Fulbright’s Steve Gaynor prior to Tacoma’s release, he told us they “started out working on Tacoma as another game that was set in a very kind-of domestic setting, at a different point in time with different characters and all that. It was originally set in the town of Tacoma, WA which is why the game was originally called that,” he continued, “and at some point it was just like, we realised we couldn’t do that again right away. The next thing we did couldn’t be that close to what we had already done.”

“Basically, a space station was the idea we were the most excited about that also had all the qualities that we needed to make the kind of game that we wanted to,” he continued, and the technological setting of Tacoma was finalised.

What didn’t vary, from domestic mundanity to lunar transfer station, is Fulbright’s incredible storytelling ability.

If you’ve not played it, you should probably get on that. And you’re in luck: Fulbright and the Humble Store are giving away free copies of Tacoma to celebrate Indie Mega Week.

Even though it’s a digital code, copies of Tacoma are limited. It’s available right now, and – assuming stocks last – will still be free until Sunday, March 24 at 10 am Pacific (5 pm GMT).

It’s also DRM-free, if you care about such things, and is playable on Windows PC, Linux, and Apple Mac.

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