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Geeks Line’s GameCube Anthology is the complete, illustrated history of Nintendo’s purple gaming lunchbox.

GameCube Anthology is the latest release in Geeks Line Publishing’s impressive range of video game coffee-table books. At 360 pages, the new anthology takes a detailed look at the origins and design of Nintendo’s fourth home console, plus its games, peripherals, and legacy.

The book is full colour, and illustrated throughout with box art, merchandise, console variations, and various promotional materials.

We’re yet to read the book, but based on the Geeks Line’s previous efforts with the Nintendo 64 Anthology and PlayStation Anthology, we’re optimistic that it will be another essential purchase for retro gaming enthusiasts.

Gamecube Anthology

The book is available in three flavours, beginning with the $47 paperback Classic Edition. A hardback Collector’s Edition, which also includes a slipcase, is available for $53, and the Ultimate Edition, which is accompanied by a 200 page box art collector’s book, is $94.

GameCube Anthology is available now from the Geeks Line website.

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