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Reminder: Ghost Recon Wildlands gets a huge free update today

The free ‘New Assignment’ update is released for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands today.



Ghost Recon Wildlands - update

The free ‘New Assignment’ update is released for Ghost Recon Wildlands today.

The New Assignment update adds three new classes to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – which completes the game’s Ghost War roadmap – plus two new maps, and a range of gameplay updates based on player feedback.

The new classes – Trapper, Guerrilla and Stalker – are available in all PvP modes, giving the game 18 classes in total. The new maps are Refinery and Cliffside, and are exclusive to Extraction mode.


Although the maps and gameplay updates are free immediately for all players, the new classes are restricted to Season Pass and Ghost War Pass owners for seven days. The rest of us can unlock them with Prestige credits earned through progression, or purchased via the in-game store.

Also included in the update is a new map-voting tool that allows players to vote for one of three maps at the start of every new PvP Quickplay and Ranked match.

Ghost Recon Wildlands ‘New Assignment’ update

  • Class: The Trapper – expert shooter, equipped with a semi-automatic sniper rifle
  • Class: The Guerilla – support-class, specialised in diversion tactics
  • Class: The Stalker – sharpshooter, specialised in silently dispatching enemies
  • Map: Refinery
  • Map: Cliffside

Ghost Recon Wildlands – roadmap

Ghost Recon Wildlands - roadmap

The game’s next update – which merges Ghost War Updates 5 and 6 – is planned for release in April, 2018.

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