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Rockstar has announced a new special edition of GTA V called Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition.

It includes the single-player and a fully updated version of GTA Online, along with a Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack bonus.

The Premium Online Edition isn’t aimed at existing players; it seems to be directed at bringing new players in.

The Starter pack gives players properties, weapons, vehicles, and $1,000,000 of in-game currency. All goods and cash in the starter pack totals $10,000,000.

The Premium Online Edition costs £59.99 ($79.99) for a physical edition for PS4 and Xbox One, or £67.99 ($84.99) on Steam.

There have been bundles in the past including the core game and the Criminal Enterprise pack, but this one is the best value for money.

In other recent GTA V news, according to industry analyst Doug Creutz, the game has now made more money than any game, book, or film, ever. It has sold over 90 million units and made over $6 billion in revenue.

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