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Natsume and Rising Star Games announce Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Natsume’s Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is getting a console release this Spring, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

The game was previously released on PC in late 2017, and found some success despite competition from a little game called Stardew Valley. The Special Edition promises some brand new console exclusive features, but so far there’s no word on what they’ll be. There’s also no word on an Xbox One release.

Having been the dominant farming RPG series for many years, the Harvest Moon franchise now finds itself in a curious position. On one side Eric Barone’s loving tribute has far exceeded its inspiration, and on the other, Marvelous Interactive’s Story of Season series is ploughing its own path, and causing no end of confusion.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope sees players shipwrecked in a small harbor town left in tatters by a monsoon. It’s up to you to grow the crops, raise the livestock, and save the lighthouse.

Hiro Maekawa, president & CEO of Natsume, said in a press statement:

“Harvest Moon fans have been eager to experience the series on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, so we are happy to be able to give them a date to put on their calendar! The Special Edition has new features made specifically for console gamers that we will be unveiling throughout the coming months.”

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition will be released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in May 2018, priced at $39.99/ €39.99.

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