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Hitman developer teases reveal of “new project” later today

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The possible reveals from Hitman developer IO Interactive range from too obvious to something entirely new.

This is as cryptic as it gets. IO Interactive, known best for its work on the Hitman franchise, is teasing a “new project” reveal on its YouTube channel at 2 PM GMT/6 AM PT/9 AM ET.

It really isn’t much to go on. Black background, company logo, and Hitman-esque font?

Hitman 3 and Hitman VR are both already confirmed at this point, so whilst they’re the most obvious candidates for a gameplay reveal, “new project” might be overselling it.

Much more likely is that this relates to the news over a year ago that IO Interactive was partnering with Warner Bros. on… a “new project.” Look at the detective over here.

As mentioned at the time, with IO’s independence from former publisher Square Enix, speculation was that a new IP was potentially in the works at its newly opened Malmö studio or Copenhagen studio.

There are plenty of things people want it to be (or can joke about wanting it to be). Outside of the Hitman franchise, 2003’s Freedom Fighters was recently digitally released on Steam and GOG. Suspicious timing? A sequel was originally announced by Eidos for 2005 but got cancelled in favour of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. A sore spot for fans. Cult classic it might be, but I personally think it would be an odd choice to produce a sequel for 17 years later. That said, nine years ago…

All but confirmed, then? Somewhat more the subject of jokes at this point, it would be amusing if a Kane & Lynch 3 were to swoop in and steal away a Freedom Fighters sequel for a second time. Interestingly, even Kane & Lynch 2 is looked back on with kinder eyes these days given its unique aesthetic and handicam style perspective.

The least likely return of all is 2009’s Mini Ninjas. Which is a shame.

Whether this reveal is something new or more obvious will all become… obvious later today. I’m betting on a new IP over a resurrection of anything over a decade old, but anything is possible at this point.

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