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Wondering where you can stream The Game Awards 2018 live? Why, right here, friends! (Other streaming destinations are available.)

It’s funny, getting an email from Geoff Keighley. You know it’s a mailing list situation, but the fact it comes from “Geoff@” just makes you feel like he’s popped you a note, personally, to remind you.

Hey, it’s Geoff.

Hope you’re well? Just wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you, here are all the places you can stream The Game Awards 2018.

Ta-ta for now,

Geoff x

(That’s not what the email really says, but that’s the gist of it.)

So, bizarre ramblings anthropomorphising Geoff Keighley’s mailing list aside, here are all the places you can stream The Game Awards 2018 live.

YouTube (in 4K)







There are also over 40 other international partners streaming The Game Awards 2018 in various languages, if none of the above tickle your fancy. Though really, given that the YouTube stream is:

  1. In 4K, and
  2. Embedded right here in our site for your convenience (and the avoidance of what will no doubt be horrific live chat)

You may as well forget about all the others.

The Game Awards 2018 live stream kicks off at 8.30 PM ET (that’s 5.30 PM PT tonight, or 1.30 AM GMT tomorrow morning). We’ll see you all back here in a few hours.

Header image: Geoff Keighley, Twitter

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