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Want to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons online? Here’s how to visit and host friends using the game’s online multiplayer features.

Starting a new life on a deserted island is fun, but wouldn’t it be nice to visit some friends occasionally? And how about inviting some mates over for a beach party? Fortunately, Animal Crossing: New Horizons supports online and local multiplayer for up to eight players.

Multiplayer isn’t available at the start of the game, but once Dodo Airlines fully opens on day two, you can visit a friend’s island and have up to seven guests visit yours.

Before you start, make sure you have some buddies on your Nintendo Switch Friends List and – for online multiplayer – a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

How to invite online friends to your Animal Crossing island

  1. Visit the Dodo Airlines terminal located on the south beach of your island.
  2. Got to the front desk and speak to Orville, the ever-helpful attendant.
  3. Select “I want visitors.”
  4. Select “Via online play” and then “Roger!”
  5. This being Nintendo, the game connects to the internet in a very 00s way. Beep beep beep, etc.
  6. Once connected, choose from the following options, depending on who you want to visit.
    • All my friends! – Anyone on your Nintendo Switch Friends List
    • Only my Best Friends! – Any friends you have assigned Best Friends Status in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    • Invite via Dodo Code – Generates a one-time code that can be shared with multiple friends, best friends, and random Switch users.
  7. Orville will then open the gate and players can visit your island. (See below)
  8. Press the minus (-) symbol whenever you want to end the online session. You can also ask Orville to close the gate and prevent new players arriving without kicking off players who are already there.

How to visit a friend’s Animal Crossing island online

  1. Visit the Dodo Airlines terminal located on the south beach of your island
  2. Speak to Orville on the front desk.
  3. Select “I wanna fly!”
  4. Select “I wanna visit someone.”
  5. Select “Via online play” and then “Roger!”
  6. Once the game connects to the internet, you have two options:
    • Search for a friend – Players on your Nintendo Switch Friends List
    • Search via Dodo code – A player that has shared a code, either directly or publicly
  7. If you select Dodo Code, tap in the five-digit code and press Confirm.
  8. Orville will open the gate and you can embark on your journey.

How to add Best Friends

Once you have played online with players from your Nintendo Switch Friends list once, you unlock the option to assign them Best Friend status within the NookPhone app. Once the request is accepted, you become BFFs. The main difference is that Best Friends are allowed to use their Shovels and Axes on other player’s islands.

Local WiFi Multiplayer

Local multiplayer on the same WiFi network works in much the same way, just select Local Play when speaking to Orville.

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