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There are huge discounts on indie favourites in the Humble Indie Hits sale

Grab No Man’s Sky, Night in the Woods, and plenty more in the Humble Indie Hits sale.



Humble Indie Hits sale

Grab No Man’s Sky, Night in the Woods, and plenty more in the Humble Indie Hits sale.

The Humble Store is great. Not only do you get to buy video games and receive digital versions of games how most people prefer – usually Steam keys, but sometimes DRM-free versions, too – but you get to raise money for wonderful charities at the same time.

According to Humble, its community has raised over $151 million since its inception in 2010. So if you can bring yourself to use a different storefront to make purchases (touchy subject, we know, but you still get Steam keys in the end from Humble) then you’ll raise money for good causes while buying something you would have bought anyway.


But there’s another benefit of the Humble Store. In addition to their pay-what-you-want bundles, they also offer frequent sales. Usually, it’s a publisher or franchise sale – like this Konami sale, or this Hitman franchise sale – but sometimes they’re more loosely grouped collections of games, which means you get an even wider variety of games on sale.

This week’s latest sale is the latter: the Humble Indie Hits sale.

Top of the tree is No Man’s Sky, the interstellar adventure from Hello Games that just keeps getting better. The No Man’s Sky Beyond update launches next week, so if you need the base game before then, a 50% discount is not to be missed. Like No Man’s Sky, another AA-game with production values far above what players expect from the “indie” label is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. That’s also 50% off in the Humble Indie Hits sale.


More traditional indie games are also in the Humble Indie Hits sale, including the Humble-published Wandersong with 40% off, the game that Steam’s algorithm thinks is too good for its reviews to be real. You’ll also find indie giants like Braid with 76% off, Superhot with 50% off, and Cuphead (and its soundtrack) with 15% off.

Some of Team Thumbsticks’ absolute favourites – including underwater exploration Abzu, funny and touching coming-of-age drama Night in the Woods, and grandmother of the first-person narrative adventure, Gone Home – are also offered with sizeable discounts. (And for an ex-Thumbsticker’s favourite, check out the Josh Wise-approved Jalopy with 50% off.)

The Humble Indie Hits sale is on right now, and runs through until Thursday, August 15, at 10 am Pacific (that’s 6 pm BST).

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