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If at first, you don’t succeed, try it 11 more times – it’s Humble Jumbo Bundle 12.

We’re kidding, of course. Every Humble Bundle is a success, insofar as video game fans get lots of games for small change, while Humble raises stacks of money for deserving causes.

Whether you want what’s in them is another story. That not only depends on the games in the bundle, but also what you own.

In the Humble Jumbo Bundle, 12th edition, the headline item is Dirt 4. Codemasters’ rally game, from 2016, was a game we thoroughly enjoyed (once we got past the infernal driving lessons that “serious” racing games insist upon to allow you to progress).

We particularly appreciated the breadth of cars and classes on offer, saying that while there is “a whole swathe of cars in the middle – proper rally cars, with huge spoilers and all-wheel drive systems” for the rally purists, it’s “the little hatchbacks, the sort of cars we own in real life, that sparkle when driven to the ragged edge around a Spanish mountain road or an Australian dirt track? They’re the best. The classic rally cars, pickup trucks and beach buggy-type things are a riot, too.”

Also included in Humble Bundle 12 is Pinstripe, the hand-crafted adventure through a frozen hellscape. You’ll also find Project Highrise, though you might have already picked that one up in the Humble Tycoon sale, which closed last week.

Here’s the full rundown of Humble Jumbo Bundle 12.

$1 tier

Pay more than the average – currently $4.84 (about £3.78)

  • Battle Chef Brigade
  • Construction Simulator 2015
  • Project Highrise

Pay more than $10 (about £7.80)

  • Dirt 4
  • Oriental Empires

Humble Jumbo Bundle 12 is live right now, and runs through to December 4th, 2018. The bundle closes at 7pm GMT (11am Pacific) and a proportion of all sales made will raise money for worthwhile good causes.

We may receive a small commission for purchases made from online stores.

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