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Add to your video game pile of shame by picking up a bargain in the brand new Humble Store Indie Mega Sale.

There are discounts of up to 75% on offer in the latest Humble Store sale, with over one hundred price reductions applied to a range of popular indie games.

Sale highlights include a 50% discount on Toby Fox’s playful RPG, Undertale, a 40% cut on Superhot, and 50% off Dodge Roll’s marvellous bullet-hell roguelike, Enter the Gungeon.

There are also smaller price cuts to be found with a 15% discount on Cuphead, and 20% off D-Pad Studio’s retro-style platformer, Owlboy. Our big recommendation is the criminally overlooked Hob, a vibrant and inventive action adventure from Runic Games, developers of the Torchlight series.

In other Humble news, Digital Extremes’ 2012 shooter, The Darkness II, is available to download for free for the next two days.

Head over to the Humble Store to see the full range of included games. And don’t forget, up to 10% of every Humble purchase goes to charitable causes.

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