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Hideo Kojima has spoken about his upcoming game, Death Stranding, saying that working out its confusing trailers aren’t important.

From the trailers that have popped up so far for Death Stranding, you would be hard pressed to figure out what the game was about. In fact, it’s been a source of speculation for months amongst Kojima fans.

In an interview with Variety, Kojima said:

“We live in a time of social networks. In this time, people just want immediate answers, but not only answers, they also want to know what they feel. This is good, this is bad. This is a game I should like. This is a game I shouldn’t like. They want answers for what they should think.”

He then went on to stress that, in playing Death Stranding, the answers are less important than the journey itself:

“It’s like a math problem, where knowing the answer is not that important. The important thing is the process of getting to the answer.”

Kojima then spoke about something that has affected his approach to development since his beginnings in the 1980s – the notion of getting around violence:

“Games have a 30-something-year history that has evolved over time, but games are still about sticks, about guns. Games are connected online, but it’s still about, ‘I’m on top, I’m better at using sticks.’


While this game will have sticks — that the player will be able to use sticks — that is not the concept of the game. The aim of the game is for the player to use ropes. I am making the game in such a way that this comes natural to the player, this alternative, of using ropes. And I went into detail on how I intend to do that.”

So there you go: sticks, ropes, babies in jars, Reedus. What more do you want?

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