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Last chance to save on the Humble overwhelmingly positive bundle

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The Humble overwhelmingly positive bundle is a collection of games linked by just one thing: their rating on Steam.

Steam ratings aren’t the most consistent indicator of quality. In theory, user reviews are great, like Tripadvisor or Yelp. It’s become second-nature to check what Joe Public reckons about the thing you’re about to buy. But user reviews can be subject to abuse, vendettas and axes for grinding.

And Steam – with its fairly widespread review-bombing problem – is one of the trickiest to navigate.

Luckily positive reviews are much easier to parse. You’re far more likely to see funny business with rapidly racked up negative reviews, but if a game is able to stay with a positive rating – and has more than a handful of reviews, to rule out sock puppets – then it’s a good sign.

Humble has been keeping an eye on games that have been well-received on Steam, and this year, has been running another Humble overwhelmingly positive bundle.

If you pay just $1, you’ll get Wuppo, Simulacra, and robot commuter narrative detective game, Subsurface Circular.

If you pay more than the average – at the time of writing, around $7.30 (or about £5.53) – you’ll get Lisa, Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight, Nuclear Throne, and the thoroughly brilliant horror game, Soma.

Pay $15 (around £11.36) you’ll also get a key for Opus Magnum, the brilliant machine-based puzzle game. You’ll also get a $2 Humble Store wallet credit, if you’re a Humble monthly subscriber.

You’ll have to be quick, though: the Humble overwhelmingly positive bundle closes today. Specifically, that’s 11am PT (7pm BST). That’s less than twelve hours to rack up a bunch of very well-received games for not a lot of money, and also do your bit to raise money for charity.

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