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Bandai Namco has announced that Man of Medan – the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology – will be released in August.

Man of Medan will hit retail and digital stores on August 30, 2019, publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed. The Supermassive-developed horror mystery is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with pre-orders including access to a special Curator’s Cut at launch.

The Curator’s Cut includes an alternative path through the game that features new characters and scenes. The cut – which can be accessed after completing the main campaign – will be made available to all players as a free update at a later date.

Pete Samuels, executive producer of The Dark Pictures Anthology, says:

“The Curator’s Cut is different to the traditional Director’s Cut as it gives the player new ways to directly influence the story and its outcomes. Players will see and change events and relationships from the perspective of characters that weren’t under control in their first playthrough. It adds a whole new layer to how the player understands and interacts with the story in a way that’s never been done before, and we’re excited for people to experience it.”

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of standalone cinematic horror games from Until Dawn developer, SuperMassive, each with its own story, setting and characters. Man of Medan features five playable protagonists who set sail on a diving trip only to stumble upon a sinister mystery.

We played an early build of the game at Bandai Namco’s UK HQ last year and came away impressed with its eerie tone and intriguing concept. Speed 2, it’s not.

For more on the creation of the game, watch Supermassive’s insightful series of YouTube developer diaries.

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