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Some Thumbsticks favourites come to PlayStation Now in a generous update for August 2019.

We got into Fallout 4 in a big way when it launched in November 2015. As it goes, so did everyone else. We wrote numerous guides and other useful content for people playing the game, and this piece on how to find Dogmeat if you lose him in the wastes of the Commonwealth? It’s our most-read article ever. It’s mind-boggling how many of you have lost that damn dog.

But if you’ve never had the pleasure of tramping around a dirty-brown nuclear wasteland looking for a very brown dog, now’s your chance: Fallout 4 joins Sony’s PlayStation Now subscription service in August 2019.

Fallout 4’s not the only massive video game joining PlayStation Now in the coming month, though. If you’re a fan of games from Fallout publisher Bethesda’s stable, you’ll also be happy to see both 2016’s Doom reboot and 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Colossus on the list. The former is a fast-paced, metal-scored incursion into hell, while the latter is a nuanced reimagining of the classic Nazi-bashing series.

Looking for something less violent? Well, er, we’re struggling a little. But if you’d prefer to be violent – just not in first person – then can we interest you in Tekken 7? The game recently celebrated selling over four million copies with some bizarre, almost-Renaissance artwork. Or if you prefer Gothic horror, then all three Castlevania games from the PS3 will also be included.

Oh, and there are some games about dirtbikes. Here’s the full list:

New games to PlayStation Now, August 2019

  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow (PS3)
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 (PS3)
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate (PS3)
  • Doom (PS4)
  • Fallout 4 (PS4)
  • Monster Energy Supercross (PS4)
  • MotoGP 17 (PS4)
  • Tekken 7 (PS4)
  • The Raven: Remastered (PS4)
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)

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