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Metal Gear Survive single-player and beta detailed

Konami reveal new Metal Gear Survive single-player campaign details, and confirm January beta.



Metal Gear Survive logo

Konami reveal new Metal Gear Survive single-player campaign details, and confirm January beta.

We’re probably not the only ones struggling to get excited for Metal Gear Survive, but it’s coming, so we may as well not hide our heads in the sand any longer.

Konami has today released a new gameplay video and commentary detailing Metal Gear Survive’s single-player campaign. Producer Yuji Korekado introduces the game’s survival and gameplay mechanics, as well as teasing a couple of action set-pieces.


It’s certainly not looking like the disaster we – and many others – forecast, but we’re still struggling to raise an exclamation mark over our heads.

Maybe the beta will help. From January 18-21, 2018 players can sample Metal Gear Survive’s online co-op mode on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Lucky participants will receive in-game bonus items – a Fox Hound name plate, and Metal Gear Rex Head and bandana accessories – which can be redeemed in the full game.

Players who preorder Metal Gear Survive can also look forward to getting the following in-game items and emotes.

Metal Gear Survive preorder bonuses

  • Four gold-plated weapons: Bat, Sledgehammer, Survival Machete and Survival Spear
  • Four  metallic coloured survival scarves: Green, Blue, Pink and Silver
  • Two gestures: “Thumbs Up” and “Happy”
  • Mother Base nameplate
  • BOXMAN [THE ORANGE] accessory
  • Kabuki face paint

Metal Gear Survive will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam on February 20, 2018.

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