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Michael Pachter thinks Nintendo isn’t smart, should focus on Switch Lite

In a new interview, games industry analyst Michael Pachter says Nintendo should ditch the standard Switch and focus on the Lite.



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In a new interview, industry analyst Michael Pachter says Nintendo should ditch the standard Switch and focus on the Lite.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has been in and around the games industry for a long time. His predictions are as hit and miss as you might expect given his tenure and the constantly evolving nature of games, and he is always certain to stir up a fervour with fans. His latest comments are no exception.

In an upcoming interview with GamingBolt, Pachter remarks that he doesn’t understand Nintendo’s hybrid console approach, saying:


“I think that was something Iwata did to differentiate the Switch, and he wanted to have a console that could go back and forth from console to portable. But I don’t think most people play it in both modes, I would say that maybe 20% of Switch owners play both modes; and I think most Switch owners play it handheld only. So I honestly don’t understand the whole point of the hybrid. Who cares? Play it as a handheld.”

Twenty per cent of Switch owners equates to around 12 million players, which is no small number. I also expect there are some Switch owners out there that only play their systems docked. (My gran says hello!)

Speaking to Ars Technica in 2018, Nintendo’s Doug Bowser said Switch play time was split “about 50 per cent in the dock and 50 per cent away from the dock.” This was also backed by data from Nintendo’s March 2018 Fiscal Report. It’s worth noting that the introduction of the handheld-only Switch Lite in 2019 will have changed these numbers somewhat.


Switch Game Play Trends 2018

And speaking of which…

Pachter also says that: “And Nintendo isn’t that smart, so you never know what they will do next, but I think the smart thing would be to get rid of the Switch console and only have the Switch Lite, get rid of the docking station, get rid of playing on the TV; maybe offer a Fire Stick style dongle for those who do want to play it on the TV.”

You can read more of Pachter’s comments over at GamingBolt.

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