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Minecraft Earth is available in the United States in early access

Minecraft Earth wants you to Pokémon Go build a better world.



Minecraft Earth
Microsoft / Mojang

Minecraft Earth wants you to Pokémon Go build a better world.

Back in May, Mojang revealed Minecraft Earth, a new mobile spin-off of the incredibly popular creative toolset. Using the same kind of AR technology that fueled Pokémon Go, the new game allows players to use Minecraft’s expansive tools to create in the real world.

And, as of yesterday, the game is officially out in early access in the United States. The AR game hit the UK and Canada a week ago.

Minecraft Earth - United States

Furthermore, the game is available for iOS (10+) and Android (8+) users at this link. I live in the US and had no trouble downloading it to my iPhone XR. As a result, I am very excited to try it out after work despite the fact that it’s currently 22°F outside.

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