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N++ Ultimate Edition is coming to Xbox One

Toronto-based developer Metanet Software confirms that N++ Ultimate Edition is heading to Xbox One.



N++ Ultimate Edition

Toronto-based developer Metanet Software confirms that N++ Ultimate Edition is heading to Xbox One.

Metanet’s hard-as-nails ninja platformer was originally released on PlayStation 4 in 2015, and was followed by a Windows version a year later. The game received a substantial update in April this year in the form of the N++ Ultimate Edition. And now, at long last, Xbox One owners can join in the “fun”.

We can only assume that the console exclusivity agreement between Metanet and Sony – who threw their weight behind the game from an early stage – has now expired. Whatever its path, the arrival of N++ on Xbox One is very welcome, and feels like a homecoming of sorts. Its predecessor, N+, was one of the early highlights of the Xbox 360’s XBLA service, and the sequel builds upon its delightfully balanced, risk/reward platforming mechanics in thrilling fashion.


The game’s Ultimate Edition doubles the size of N++, and adds 60 dynamic new colour schemes, a host of new – and enjoyably infuriating – levels, as well as other cosmetic changes. At the time of writing there are 4340 hand-crafted levels in the game, plus a lengthy solo campaign, couch co-op, and local competitive modes. New to the Ultimate Edition is a Hardcore mode. Let’s not even go there.

N++ is a great game, and one we’d naturally recommend on Xbox One. And as Metanet seem loath to stop working on it, we’d also like to slip in a request for a Nintendo Switch version at some point, too.

N++ will arrive on Xbox One this summer, and is currently available on Steam, and PlayStation 4.

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