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There’s now a full range of new Corsair wireless gaming peripherals

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Corsair make nice things. Yes, by and large, they’re covered in silly lights – which if you follow our hardware section, you’ll know, really isn’t my thing – but they’re usually of excellent quality.

The one thing Corsair haven’t really brought to market before, however are wireless gaming peripherals. Specifically, that’s wireless gaming keyboards and mice.

All that changes from now, however, with the new range of Corsair wireless gaming peripherals, including:

  • K63 wireless mechanical keyboard
  • Dark Core RGB wireless gaming mouse
  • Dare Core RGB SE wireless gaming mouse
  • MM1000 wireless charging mouse mat

The K63 keyboard is the pick of the litter, in our eyes. It’s rare to find a really good quality wireless gaming keyboard, with proper mechanical switches, that also makes claims of being super-fast and low latency (in spite of high-grade encryption and other overheads on its wireless connectivity).

What’s even better – given that you might want to be using the K63 for couch play in the living room – is that the K63 is tenkeyless. That means it comes without a number pad on the right hand side, which makes it even more compact; great if your desktop is limited for space, and even better for portable use.

Corsair wireless gaming set

For an extra fifty quid you can pair the K63 with a specially-designed lapboard, in a completely tool-free installation, to make the living room experience even better.

And if you’re really fancy, pairing the Dark Core RGB SE wireless gaming mouse with the MM1000 wireless charging mouse mat will mean you actually charge your mouse as you use it, thanks to Qi wireless charging.

The future is now, friends, but the MM1000 isn’t out quite yet; expect to see it later in the month. The rest of the Corsair wireless peripherals are available now.

And yes. They do light up.

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