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The new trailer for an upcoming FromSoftware game is incredibly minimal, but it might just be a new Tenchu game.

At The Game Awards last night, FromSoftware showed a new trailer which got many thinking it might be a Bloodborne sequel. This makes sense: Bloodborne was an incredible game (the company’s best, come at me), and a sequel would be a hunter’s dream.

But, as cunningly pointed out by DualShockers, there is more going on here than meets the eye.

If you look at the blood-soaked rope, you can see it’s attached to a Kunai – a ninja throwing blade, often attached to a rope and used like a grappling hook.

It also seems like it is being wound up taut in the trailer and about to release – given the exposed bone, it could be a weapon fixed to someone’s arm.

Also, given the cursive Kanji characters glimpsed in the background of the trailer, it’s a sensible guess safe to say we’re in a feudal Japan setting.

And of course, there’s that tagline: “Shadows die twice.”

Now for anyone that’s played the old Tenchu games, the protagonist Rikimaru, is synonymous with shadow – he does his work from them, but also can use his shadow as a form of astral projection when near death.

FromSoftware developed Shadow Assault: Tenchu for the Xbox 360 back in 2008, and this game has a distinctly ninja flavour to it.

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