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Capcom releases fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Monster Hunter Rise

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Following this week’s Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event, Capcom has released a series of new gameplay videos, plus a fascinating Q&A with director Yasunori Ichinose.

First up is a Hunting 101 video that explains the basics of monster hunting. It’s a useful guide for series newcomers. We also recommend the free demo for the game, which will be available again via the Nintendo eShop later this week.

The next video is a short overview of the new Rampage quest type. Think Horde Mode with a Monster Hunter twist.

Take a closer look at a hunt against the snowy menace Goss Harag in this new gameplay video. The hunt also shows the game’s new Charge Blade Switch Skills in action.

Finally, director Yasunori Ichinose speaks in more detail about Monster Hunter Rise in a 16-minute Q&A featurette. Ichinose discusses the themes that influenced the game’s creation, weapon design, the development of Rampage mode, and future game updates.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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