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New PUBG update adds Ranked Mode, tweaks shotguns

The latest PUBG update adds Ranked Mode and a range of other gameplay changes.



PUBG update 7.2
PUBG Corp.

The latest PUBG update adds Ranked Mode and a range of other gameplay changes. It’s good news for players frustrated with shotguns, that’s for sure.

We don’t write about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds very often these days. The once plucky battle-royale is now part of the video game furniture, quietly ticking along with regular updates and survivor passes.

However, update 7.2 adds a long-awaited and radical new mode, so we thought we’d mention it.


PUBG‘s new Ranked Mode is for up to 64 players and features no Red Zones. PUBG Corp says the intention is to make the best loot more readily available to the game’s best players.

Some balance adjustments have also introduced to “strengthen the characteristics of each weapon type.” The biggest change can be seen in shotguns, which now inflict more damage on the head and limbs, have a reduced accuracy penalty during movement, less damage drop at range, and better hip-firing accuracy.

Other changes ushered in by update 7.2 include tweaks to the main menu navigation bar, improved tire wear indicators, and slew of bug fixes.

You can chew over all of the new additions by reading update 7.2’s comprehensive patch notes.

The update is available now on PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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