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The next seasonal event for Overwatch, called Overwatch Archives, starts next week on consoles and PC.

Blizzard announced that the event, on top of the Kings Row mission from last year, includes a new mission called Retribution:

“Relive the past and experience the critical Blackwatch mission that changed the future of Overwatch. Taking place in Rialto, Venice, Retribution casts players as Blackwatch members McCree, Moira, Genji, and Reyes who are in pursuit of a high-ranking member of Talon.”

So it’s a PVE four-player event which tell a new story of the team’s history.

On top of that, the new Overwatch Archives sees the return of the Uprising brawl from last year. It adds over 100 new cosmetic items as well. These include things like skins, sprays, and emotes.

In a similar vein to Uprising, you will be able to play as all heroes, and play the map is  a Payload match in PVP.

Check out the trailer for the event:

The Overwatch Archives event begins on April 10th for all platforms.

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