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Nintendo reveal new Labo Vehicle Kit with cardboard car, submarine, and plane

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Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit, a new Toy-Con featuring a cardboard car, submarine, and plane.

The Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit includes parts for a car, a plane, a submarine, a pedal, and two keys, all of which can be assembled using just cardboard, string and rubber-bands.

Once all three vehicles have been built, players can insert a key to instantly transform on-screen. In fact, it looks like Nintendo has beaten Ubisoft to the punch, and has made The Crew 3.

Stephan Bole, Nintendo of Europe’s new president, says:

“Our goal is to put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches. We hope that the new Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit, which allows players to build three different vehicles and play with them together, will introduce totally new players to the unique combination of making, playing, and discovering.”

I’ll confess, I smiled. A bit. Slightly.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Cars can be equipped with extendable arms, and the submarine has a nifty looking grapple hook. And by using the second key, another player can join the game and play as co-pilot. The new kit also features the return of the Toy-Con Garage so that players can design and create their own Labo creations.

The Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit will be release on September 14th, priced at  $69.99 in the U.S. and at £60 in the UK

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